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How to Make a Corsage in 5 Easy Steps

Creating your own stunning corsage with fresh flowers can be a great way to class up your outfit for any special event. Whether it’s for a prom, wedding, or another occasion, making a corsage is a simple and fun DIY project that requires only a handful of supplies and a little creativity. If you’re looking for guidance, we have you covered with everything you need to create gorgeous and wearable floral art in no time. As your trusted floral experts at Wildflower Stem & Sundry in Maryland, we’re excited to share our tips and tricks for bringing a little bit of nature’s magic to your special day.

Woman wearing corsage

Make a Fresh Flower Corsage in 5 Simple Steps

Supplies: Ribbon, shears, floral tape and wire, floral glue (or hot glue gun), and a wristlet
Florals: 1 to 3 hardy blooms, 1 to 2 types of greenery, a small accent flowers

Corsage making supplies

Step 1. Prepare your flowers

First things first, you need to prep your flowers for the project. Start by removing any guard petals, leaves, or excess greenery. Then, trim the stems down. Next, place your flowers in cool water before you begin assembly, which will keep them fresh and hydrated. As for the best hearty blooms to use, we recommend roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, orchids, calla lilies, wax flowers, or lisianthus.

Hands making corsage with pink rose

Step 2. Cut the stems and bind the buds

Cut the stems off the flowers so that only a small amount remains, about ½ to 1 inch of stem directly underneath the bud. Then, carefully wrap the wire around the remaining part of the stem. This will allow you to bend and move the blooms into the perfect place. After you finish wrapping with wire, start from the top of the bloom and wrap floral tape around the stem two times to keep it secure.

Corsage with white flowers and ribbon

Step 3. Assemble the primary flowers

Tape all of the main blossoms together into one bundle, like a mini bouquet. Next, tape the filler flower stems together in a separate bunch. Then, bind the two bundles together with wire, carefully trim the ends, and wrap it all together with floral tape.

Corsage with pearl wristlet

Step 4. Attach the combined blooms to the wristlet

Now it’s time to use florist wire to carefully attach the flowers to a wristband, wristlet, or bracelet. If you want to design your corsage like the pros, the stems should be pointing toward the elbow.

Hand with pink and red cordage

Step 5. Attach ribbon to the corsage

To enhance the corsage or make it more comfortable for the wearer, use a single wide ribbon or several smaller ribbons — depending on your tastes — to wrap the wristlet and form a bow. With either glue or wire, fortify the ribbon so it holds the bow’s shape and attaches securely to the bundle of flowers. Once the bow is secured, your corsage is ready to be shown off in photos and at your event!

ProTip: Don’t make the corsage more than one day before your big event in order to ensure it stays fresh and vibrant. Once made, store it in a cool space such as a cold garage or refrigerator.

For all your floral needs, whether it’s for corsages, bouquets, or other arrangements, Wildflower Stem & Sundry in Maryland is your one-stop shop for the freshest blooms possible.