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Simple Guide to Wearable Flowers for Every Occasion

Many people associate corsages and boutonnieres with weddings, but there are plenty of occasions outside of saying “I do” that warrant wearing flowers. At WildFlower Stem & Sundry, serving Baltimore & Annapolis, MD, our expert florists have put together a comprehensive list of occasions for wearable blooms, as well as the different kinds of options available.

Types of Flowers to Wear


Boutonniere with 2 white roses

A boutonniere is a wearable floral piece pinned on the lapel of a jacket or the chest of a dress. They usually feature one or two flowers and embellishments such as greenery or ribbons. Boutonnieres are a good choice if the wearer plans to be especially active and they want to avoid damaging a corsage on their wrist.

You can also get creative when it comes to what the boutonniere is made from if you want to expand your options. Some modern designs feature succulents instead of flowers, for example. You can also incorporate accents like berries, herbs, wheat, leaves, or feathers. For a little sparkle, ask for pearls or brooches.


Corsages are small floral arrangements that are usually attached to a band and worn around the wrist, like a bracelet. They can be made with a wide variety of flowers and are a lovely accent to any outfit. They’re essentially mini floral bouquets, and there’s no end to the creative embellishments you can add.

Alternatives to Corsages and Boutonnieres

There are plenty of wearable flowers beyond corsages and boutonnieres that you can wear as an accessory.

Flower Crown
Flower crown






A flower crown is a decorative headpiece made from flowers, foliage, and sometimes other materials like ribbons or beads. They often feature fresh blossoms and greenery that are in season and suitable for the desired look. Crowns may contain a single type of flower, such as roses or daisies, or a mix of different blooms.

Floral Hairpiece

Orange and peach flowers in woman's hair

A floral hairpiece is a type of hair accessory that is typically made from fresh blossoms and greenery, as well as accents like bows, beads, and other embellishments. The base is often comprised of a clip and wire or floral tape to create a sturdy and flexible foundation. Hairpieces are then designed in a way that suits the needs and aesthetics of the wearer.


Orchid lei

A lei is a traditional Polynesian garland or wreath made from flowers, leaves, shells, or other decorative materials. These accessories are most commonly worn around the neck or draped over the shoulders. Leis are often made from fragrant flowers like plumeria, orchids, or pikake strung together with string or thread.

There are also floral anklets, sashes, bow ties, and custom shoulder pieces designed to adorn different parts of a formal outfit. If you prefer to stick with a corsage but would like something more modern, we recommend a wreath corsage that wraps all the way around the wrist.

Six Occasions When It’s Appropriate to Wear Flowers

Wearable flowers aren’t just appropriate for weddings — they’re perfect for a variety of special occasions or formal events.

Prom & Homecoming

The tradition of giving your prom date or homecoming date a corsage, boutonniere, or another wearable arrangement still stands. These floral accents add drama and flair to outfits and give the night a little extra elegance. You can also wear flowers that attach to other parts of an outfit or have them adorn your hairstyle.


To make the day extra special, gift your graduate with a lei, boutonniere, corsage, or another adornment for gowns and caps. These wearable flowers can also stay on after the gown comes off for any celebratory events happening afterward.

Parties & Special Events

If you are attending an elegant or fancy party, a small boutonniere or corsage worn on the wrist is a nice and ornate touch that will make you stand out (and smell good). You can also wear a flower tiara or crown, especially if you are the guest of honor. Wearable flowers are also appropriate for any special event, such as a gala, fundraiser, art show, etc. If it’s a formal occasion, look sharp by wearing flowers on any part of your ensemble.


Make birthday celebrants feel extra glamorous with the gift of wearable flowers for their special day. They will shine with this added touch of nature’s beauty, which will make them feel loved and beautiful when they are out to dinner, at a party, or on the town for a night of fun.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is one of our favorite holidays, and it’s tradition to give mothers and caregivers a beautiful bouquet of flowers on this occasion. Feel free to take it up a notch and gift your mom with a stunning flower corsage, boutonniere, or flower crown so she can adorn herself with fresh custom blooms. Either way, Mom will feel very loved and honored with such a thoughtful gesture.

Boutonnieres, Corsages, and More!

A corsage or boutonniere is a wonderful way to honor someone and show them how much you care. For expert assistance and advice ordering a boutonniere, corsage, or other wearable floral accents, contact WildFlower Florist or stop by one of our shops.