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Apps to Dowload for Plant and Flower Lovers

If you’ve ever received or came across a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and wanted to instantly know the name of each one within, well, now there’s an app for that! Twenty years ago, you would have had to consult a book of flowers to identify them. Ten years ago, you would need your computer to search for them. Today, all you need is your smartphone and a camera to get an identification instantly and gain access to a database of thousands of flowers and plant species.

In this arrangement, the serenity of the color blue along with the purity of intention symbolized by white will let someone know you are sending peace and calm strength.

Of course, you can also talk to the best florist in Baltimore and Annapolis, Wildflower, to ask one of our floral experts, but in the meantime, here are some valuable apps that make identifying plants and flowers a breeze.

Seven Awesome Flower and Plant Identification Apps


What’s That Flower?

This flower identification app starts with a simple questionnaire about the flower you want to identify. First, you choose the color, the environment, and then the number of petals. Based on your responses, the app presents a number of flower varieties that resemble the one you saw. It’s informational and fun to scan through all the flowers. Plus, when a particular flower is selected, detailed information comes up so you can learn more about it, including its taxonomy.



The FlowerChecker app is service-based, which means whenever you upload a picture of an unknown plant or flower (or lichen, moss, and even fungi) a team of professional botanists will reply. Their response may take a few minutes or several hours, but the app developers claim they are able to identify over 90% of submitted plants. Each accurate identification costs .99 cents, and there is no charge if they are unable to produce a correct identification.



This popular app uses artificial intelligence to recognize plants and flowers and is simple to use. Just upload a photo of the flower or plant you want identified, or take a picture with your phone, and then wait for the program to do its magic. The developers allege the advanced AI of this app has identified more than 27 million flowers and plants with 99% accuracy. Additionally, PictureThis also provides care tips for plants, diagnoses for sick plants, pest control, and more. This app is also subscription-based but offers a 7-day free trial period.



Similar to PictureThis, you can upload or take a picture right in front of you of a plant or flower and visual recognition software will produce potential matches. Besides plants, their database includes flowers, grasses, conifers, trees, vines, cacti, and more. PlantNet is also a citizen-based science project, which means all photos are collected and investigated by botanists around the world so they can better understand plant biodiversity and preserve it. This is a free app which is well-reviewed.

Check Out These Cool ID Apps, Too

There are many plant and flower identification apps available and you may want to have more than one. Here are a few notable others:

  • Plantix – popular with farmers and gardeners, this app recognizes plants and can identify plant diseases
  • Smart Plant Home – upload a photo of a plant to an expert team of specialists who will identify it and tell you how to take care of it as well.
  • LeafSnap – identify tree species from pictures of their leaves

Plus, for all the wildflower lovers out there, there are ID apps available for almost every region and state of the U.S. Use this list of wildflower apps to find one in your area.