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Elements of the English Garden Style

English Garden Style flower arrangements derive from the bountiful and colorful gardens that dot the English countryside. There are two types of this style in gardening, the “English Garden,” which is more formal and designed according to Victorian aesthetics, and “Cottage Style” which is more natural, rambling, and ruled by Mother Nature rather than controlled by human hands. The main difference between the two styles is in the more natural pairings of seasonal flowers grown together and blooming together in Cottage Style gardens. 

English Cottage

In floral arrangements, the English Garden Style and Cottage Garden Style are synonymous with floral arrangement capture the harmonious feel of nature of fresh-cut stems as if just snipped directly from a garden in full bloom. The professional flower designers at WildFlower are experts in creating gorgeous English Style Garden arrangements and will gladly work with you to get the beautiful English garden style look into your home. 

Pink Mary Rose Shrub

Features of the English Garden Style

Bountiful, lush flowers which bloom at the same time and pair naturally as seen in nature, is the heart of this particular style. Flowers with big blossoms such as English garden roses, peonies, dahlias, and ranunculus are common. Spiky, vertical accents are also a component with popular varieties including delphinium, snapdragon, hollyhock, and foxglove. Design shapes range from oval to more round with flowers and abundant foliage loosely bunched together.  


These pretty pink peonies must feel like they've landed in paradise. And perhaps they have, joined as they are by dazzling hydrangea blooms and greens.

Pretty in Peony


Best Occasions for Cottage Style Flower Arrangements

The English Garden Style or Cottage Style floral arrangements are popular for Mother’s Day, Anniversaries, Just Because, or whenever you want to add some English charm into your home. The grace and elegance of this particular style is loved by everyone. If you are as enamored with this style as we are, we’d be more than happy to work with you on creating the perfect English or Cottage Style bouquet for your home.