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Flowers & Decor Tips for Storybook Baby Showers

Storybook baby showers have become pretty popular lately, and no wonder, it’s a great idea! What better way is there to celebrate a mom-to-be and her baby than with a beloved children’s storybook?! Books are the gifts that keep on giving as they can be passed down from generation to generation. Here at WildFlower, we love being a part of big life moments and enjoy creating beautiful florals to make each of them extra special, which is why we are sharing our best ideas for how to elevate storybook baby showers with flowers.

Flowers & Decor to Match Your Favorite Baby Books

Where the Wild Things Are

Welcome your “little wild thing” into the world with a Where the Wild Things Are baby shower. “Let the wild rumpus start” and recreate your party venue into the “forest that grew and grew” with fresh greenery as table runners, floral centerpieces with lots of greenery, and hanging vines or branches. Bring in a few exotic flowering plants like birds of paradise, orchids, or peace lilies to add brilliant pops of color and intrigue. Succulents in containers also make terrific centerpieces. To add even more “wild things,” incorporate protea, yellow daffodils, daisies, mums, or ferns.

The Rainbow Fish

Who doesn’t love The Rainbow Fish? The incredible blues, greens, magentas, and purples are simply striking. Replicate the color theme of this book with big, beautiful flowers in the same colors such as roses, mums, dahlias, snapdragons, or tulips. Or, use blue hydrangeas to represent the big blue sea, with bright pink and purple gerbera daisies surrounded by lush greenery to mirror the Rainbow Fish’s colorful scales. Alas, don’t forget the most critical detail, silver sparkles and sequins! Incorporate them into your decor or use silver vases to enhance the floral arrangements for a dazzling effect.

Goodnight Moon

Perhaps the biggest bedtime classic of all is Goodnight Moon. This bedtime book has a plethora of details for creating the most adorable baby shower. For example, a single red balloon, balls of yarn, and the moon are just a few items that capture the essence of the book and would make cute baby shower decor. Add blue and white floral bouquets to mirror the rabbit’s blue and white striped pajamas, and red roses, yellow daffodils, and white lilies replicate the colors seen in the pages of the book. Complete the look with lush greenery added to the florals to capture the green walls of the rabbit’s room which help bring the story to life in the real world.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a great choice for a foodie-themed baby shower. Include an array of bright, fresh blooms to represent all of the colorful things the hungry caterpillar ate. Your food choices would, naturally, be made of apples, pears, plums, strawberries, oranges, watermelon, and desserts like chocolate cake, ice cream cones, lollipops, cherry pie, and cupcakes. Yum!! And don’t forget to have lots of fresh big-leaf greenery as well, as this is where the caterpillar rests after he has eaten too much.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Cookies and flowers make a great theme for a baby shower! And this happens to be right in line with hosting a baby shower based on the wonderful children’s book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. Following the color theme of the book, the decor should be made up of soft, simple colors, like red, green, blue, orange, and yellow. Besides the prominent imagery of milk and cookies, there are several other details you can incorporate, like yellow straws for the milk, a little bed with pillows and blankets, a hand-drawn picture of the mouse’s family, and crayons. However, this theme would be incomplete with the mouse himself. Make his appearance known in creative ways such as having a tiny stuffed mouse hidden inside floral arrangements, on tables, chairs, or in centerpieces searching for his next cookie.

Books play an important role in our lives, starting as children where they represent evening snuggles, grand adventures, funny stories, and comforting voices of parents and guardians. Flowers offer the same comfort and warm fuzzy feelings and also inspire wonder and creativity in children. Babies and flowers and books and flowers are a natural match. For more baby shower inspiration or to welcome a new baby with a floral arrangement or celebrate with flowers for mom, browse our online collection of gorgeous flower bouquets here at WildFlower.