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Lux Gifts That Pair Great With Flowers

Romantic shades of roses, coupled with eucalyptus greenery and wildflower accents, perfect for the free spirit in your life!

Rustic Roses

When considering adding a gift to go along with a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers, it is really not that hard to find one. Since flowers are pretty much the perfect gift, any other gift you include with them will appear all the more special. For a few great gift ideas to present to your sweetie along with flowers, keep reading below. The flower pros at WildFlower have assembled a list of wonderful gifts that pair well with flowers. We even have our own selection of awesome gifts for your convenience, too, when ordering flowers for someone special.

Flowers are one of the greatest gifts you can give someone. They are forever in style, are wonderfully fragrant, always put a smile on your face, and are perfect for all occasions. In fact, it’s proven that receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers positively affects our mood, feelings of life satisfaction, social behaviors, and overall well-being. Now, for ideas on what to add to flowers, just keep reading!

Flower-Themed Gifts to Include With Flowers

Texture, pattern, canvas painted in oils. The picture painted flowers in a vase, me-nots, poppies. Wildflowers

Pressed or Painted Flowers

Flowers are so appealing and magical because their delicate beauty is ephemeral. Quality fresh flowers can last as long as 3-4 weeks when probably cared for, nonetheless, cut fresh flowers do not last forever. But, for the flower-lover in your life, gift her with pressed flowers or a beautiful portrait of painted blooms that will last indefinitely. Such a loving and thoughtful gift will be greatly appreciated.

3 bottles of essential oils with flowers

Floral-Scented Spa Essentials

Make someone’s day by sending them lux spa items along with a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers. Flowers instantly lift one’s spirits and bring about happiness and tranquility. Scented soaps, bath bombs, and deluxe lotions do the same thing. Give the gift of rest, relaxation, and pampering to someone special in your life by paring spa gifts with flowers.

Pair of golden leaf-shaped earrings isolated on white background

Foral-Inspired Jewelry

Jewelry is always a fabulous gift, and when given along with vibrantly-colored, lush, fresh blossoms, then the jewels sparkle all that much more! Whether a lavish necklace, gorgeous ring, or a delicate charm, flowers always bring out the brightness of beautiful baubles.

6 colorful gourmet chocolates on plate

Floral-Flavored Sweet Treats

Gourmet, hand-crafted chocolates, or any other delectable treat enhanced with floral flavors and a wonderfully unique and luxurious gift to pair with flowers. Whether it’s lavender-flavored cake, strawberry macarons, or lilac chocolate candy, you’d be hitting the sweet spot for someone who loves both flowers and sweet treats.

Book and cup of tea on a wooden table with flowers, summer garden, concept of relaxation and reading

Coffee Table Book on Flowers

If you know a special someone who loves getting lost in the beauty and mystery of flowers, then a coffee table book on flowers makes an excellent gift to pair with the real things. With gorgeous photos and informative details, it would be a flower lover’s dream!

gift basket with bottle of wine and pastel colored flowers

Floral Flavored Wine

Always a great gift combo, wine plus flowers never fail to brighten someone’s day, especially if it’s a floral flavored wine, such as a rose blend, for flower aficionados. Flower and wine are both prevalent when celebrating a variety of occasions and go well together for nearly any event. Also, wine and flowers make a great “just because” gift. There is nothing like coming home from a long day to a gift of flowers and wine to make someone’s night.

Wildflower is here to help you find the perfect bouquet of flowers for whatever occasion you need them for. We carry only fresh, quality blooms that are long-lasting and lovely and will impress any lucky person you send them to.