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Moms Deserve the Best Flowers for Mother’s Day – Here’s How to Get Them

Mother’s Day is when we get to show mom how much we love and appreciate her for all she’s done for us, and the best way to do this is to give mom a beautiful bouquet of flowers. It’s been tried and true – moms LOVE flowers! In fact, 68% of people plan on purchasing flowers for mom this year according to CNBC. So, when it comes to mom and flowers, the number one rule is to buy quality, fresh flowers from a real, store-owning florist to ensure she gets the very best!  Your friends here at WildFlower are experts in quality flowers and are giving you the inside scoop on why fresh is best and how to put a smile on your mom’s heart.

Give Only the Best High-Quality Flowers

The Freshest Flowers Are Not from a Gas Station!

Each time you walk into a big box store, grocery store, or gas station, there will be displays of flowers just inside the door. They may look pretty at first glance, but upon closer inspection, you’ll see most of the flowers are already mature and fully opened, only have a few good days left, and are filled with cheap filler to appear to look more full. Just say “no!” to old, cheap flowers that have been cut weeks ago, traveled in crowded storage, and consist of mostly low-quality filler-flowers. Moms deserve better!

How to Get the Very Best Flowers for Mom

The freshest and highest quality flowers are found at a local florist. Florals at a real florist come from the best farms, are of premiere quality, and have the longest vase life. Low-cost flowers from anywhere other than a legit florist typically begin to wilt in as little as 4-5 days. High-quality blooms can last up to 3-4 weeks with proper care. Owners and employees who work in a florist shop are experts at working with fresh-cut flowers using only the best to arrange in breathtaking designs. Plus, moms know the difference between expertly-crafted florals and those picked up from Walmart – mom knows you can do better.

Unique and Lavish Arrangements

Blow mom away with a bouquet of flowers in a striking modern design or a gorgeous traditional arrangement. If you have a hard time choosing, just select “Designer’s Choice,” which puts the creativity in the designer’s hands to craft a jaw-dropping arrangement of blooms that is completely unique and original. Most “wire-service” florists (nationwide online floral companies that source out everything) display cookie-cutter designs that lack a flair and the same designs available everywhere. Make sure the florist you order from has a real brick-and-mortar shop and then go to Lux or Designer’s Choice to see some truly stellar designs.

Top Customer Service

Florists have a special bond with their customers and they will go out of their way to ensure both the giver and receiver have the best floral experience possible. Don’t expect that from a 1-800 floral delivery service. National online floral retailers take your order and source it out to one of their “partner” florists – for a fee. If there’s a problem, getting a hold of someone to take of it won’t be an easy task. Independently-owned florists take pride in their skills and customer service and if anyone can make miracles happen, they can.

Meaningful Words

Flowers are imbued with symbolic meaning based on their type and color. However, not everyone is schooled in the “language of flowers,” therefore a written note typically goes along with the bouquet of flowers to ensure the meaning is clear to the intended. Coming up with a thoughtful, expressive note is another benefit of dealing with a local florist. Owners and floral designers have spent years sending flowers and seeing or even creating written sentiments for every type of occasion. You’ll find a collection of written messages on local florist’s websites, or be given a few suggestions during the checkout process if you are in need of encouraging or loving words.

Something Extra

A lot of local florists are also gift shops with a range of unique gifts or hand-made treats for when you want to include a little something extra with your floral gift to mom. From candles to boxes of chocolates or sentimental knick-knacks, check out the gifts section from your local florist. For other ideas on what you can send with a bouquet of flowers to mom, think of artisan baked items, her favorite wine or tea, a gift basket of various food items, or the best gift of them all — a flower subscription service where she will receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers every month!

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