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Pretty Plants & Flowers That Make Great Housewarming Gifts

Moving into a new neighborhood can be stressful, especially if you don’t know anybody there. So make a new neighbor feel welcome and ease their “new-person” nerves by bringing them a housewarming gift. You never know… they might just become your best pal and confidant, someone to share a Sunday morning coffee with, or a sitter for your kids and pets. Here at WildFlower, know that plants and flowers make the best housewarming gifts because everyone loves them! Below, we provide a list of the best types of flowers and plants to welcome someone new into your neighborhood. Here’s to good neighbors!

Housewarming Plants and Flowers Your New Neighbor Will Love


Orchids are one of the most popular flowering plants and are frequently seen in homes and offices. They bloom in a wide range of colors but for a welcoming gift, go with pink, yellow, or green blooms. These colors symbolize sentiments perfect for new homeowners: Pink orchids represent joy, yellow signifies new beginnings and friendship, and green orchids are believed to bring good luck and blessings.


Monstera plants are very popular now and are all over social media. It’s easy to see why, as these plants have large and vibrant tropical leaves that instantly make any room feel cozy and refreshed. In Eastern cultures, monstera plants represent honor, respect, and longevity.

Lucky Bamboo

Give the gift of good luck to help your new neighbor navigate their new terrain and hopefully prevent unwanted surprises in their new home (like a leaky roof or mold in the basement!). Lucky bamboo plants are great housewarming gifts since they are ornamental and also symbolize happiness, harmony, and peace.

Peace Lily

The name “peace lily” alone is enough to bring peaceful, calming, zen, and warm feelings into a home. However, peace lily plants have more to offer, from alluring white blooms among rich green leaves to their symbolism of prosperity, good luck, and fortune.


Peonies are gorgeous flowers that celebrate happy life events such as a happy marriage, love, joy, wealth, good fortune, and goodwill. If your new neighbor moved because of getting married, an expanding family, or a great new job, then gifting peonies to welcome them is a great way to wish them the best.


With their large, yellow, sunny, round face, nothing says “Welcome” more than a vase of sunflowers! These cheery blooms have mood-lifting abilities, add a bit of sunshine to the home, and signify peace, love, happiness, optimism, and longevity. It’s the ideal housewarming bloom.

Stargazer Lilies

The striking and fragrant stargazer lilies are a great way to add beauty and color to a new home. Yellow lilies represent joy, while pink lilies symbolize abundance and prosperity. A mixed bouquet of lilies is a brilliant welcoming gift for new neighbors.


Lovely white and yellow daffodils are one of the first blooms of spring which is why they are symbols of new beginnings, hope, and rebirth, making them perfect as a housewarming gift. Their trumpet-like shape and bold yellow will perk up any space.

Be a good neighbor and welcome new people to your neighbor with a lovely plant or flowers. They will be ever grateful to you for it. If you enjoy gifting botanicals based on symbolism, be sure to dive into the Language of Flowers and browse our collection here at WildFlower.