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Thanksgiving Traditions

Many assume that the first Thanksgiving was in 1621, at the legendary meal between the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians. However, harvest festivals have been observed since ancient times; in fact, the idea of feasting to show thanks for an abundant harvest seems to be one of the world’s earliest known traditions. Knowing that the 3-day gathering in Plymouth was actually a more modern expression of those harvest rituals.

An arrangement so unique and lovely, this lush autumn cornucopia is styled with premium blooms and foliage

Lush Cornucopia

Some of the oldest literature that we have indicates that harvest festivals always included sporting contests and games. It seems fitting, then, that that we also would have such strong ties to sports competitions on this day as well. From heated NFL matches to traditional family pickup games, football has become a beloved tradition nearly as popular as the food.

Send a fall gesture with style. Featuring gladiolus and blend of orangey rose gold hues with stunning tropical foliage, this tall and architectural arrangement is sure to impress.

Tropic Autumn

The most popular common thread from ancient times, through the Plymouth gathering and until now, is the meaning of a meal with family and friends. The emotions of gratitude, love, and friendship are timeless. As we gather around our holiday tables, we are joining a rich legacy. The vivid seasonal centerpieces from Trias Flowers make your holiday table warm and inviting, invoking the beauty of nature and bringing the autumn atmosphere inside. Orchids, lilies, gourds, and candlelight make any table more festive.

something truly unique with this artistic arrangement. Featuring a sturdy ceramic vase that can double as a planter, this gorgeous gift will be appreciated for any occasion.

Moody Blooms

You can choose one of our pre-designed centerpieces, or let us help you to create the perfect seasonal bouquet for your home d├ęcor. Either way, you can be assured that the striking colors of fall will bring all the classic ambiance of Thanksgiving to your meal, carrying on the legacy of giving thanks and gathering with family. All of us at WildFlower in the Baltimore and Annapolis area, wish you a very happy holiday season.