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You Won’t Belive What the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for Him Is!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion for celebrating love and showing your significant other how much they mean to you. This year, surprise your man with something unique and unexpected that he’ll truly cherish. Green plants and bold flowers are not just beautiful but deeply sentimental gifts that symbolize romance and admiration. Whether it’s the unique allure of succulents or the vibrant charm of bright blooms, the perfect gift to reflect his style and embody your love story is out there. The Society of American Florists reports that 60% of men would actually be thrilled to receive a bouquet of flowers, yet only 12% have ever received such a gift. As you brighten his Valentine’s Day and warm his heart with plants and flowers, don’t be surprised if he begins to communicate more openly and makes more eye contact, which are key ingredients for fostering romance. At WildFlower Stem & Sundry, the top florist in Baltimore, MD, we have rounded up the best botanicals and gift ideas for your man. Embrace a refreshing new take on a timeless Valentine’s Day gesture.

Green Houseplants

From lucky bamboo to money trees and snake plants to ZZ plants, green houseplants are a thoughtful gift for any man, especially on Valentine’s Day. While they bring peace and harmony to his space, plants also have the power to decrease stress and anxiety while purifying the air. Nothing says “I love you” or “I care about you” more than a gift that can improve your sweetheart’s overall well-being.


Succulents are an excellent choice for a man with a busy schedule. They’re quite easy to care for and nice to look at, proving to be the perfect addition to his desk, coffee table, or nightstand. Since succulents can thrive in relatively harsh conditions by storing water in their leaves and stems, they have become a symbol of resilience. Representing strength and the ability to adapt to challenges, it’s an ideal Valentine’s Day gift to signify your unwavering love.

Flowering Plants

If your favorite guy loves a pop of color or has a vibrant personality, turn towards blooming plants, like peace lilies or one of our favorites, orchids. While you can certainly choose a plant that produces flowers in his favorite color, white orchids are always a hit. They radiate tranquility more than others and create a relaxing, zen, and calm counterpoint to his hectic life. White orchids are also an emblem of love’s ability to blossom again and again, as these plants can re-bloom and last years.

Bright Blooms

If a bouquet of sweet Valentine’s Day flowers strikes your fancy, consider warm and firey hues representing the love, happiness, and undeniable joy your man brings to your life. Of course, red blooms suggest passion, romance, and love, and yellow stems evoke happiness, positivity, and cheerfulness. Orange blooms are also a thoughtful gift for your guy, as they signify creativity, enthusiasm, vitality, optimism, and excitement.

Red Roses

When words aren’t enough, it’s time to let red roses do the talking! As the universal symbol of romance, love, admiration, beauty, and devotion, this romantic sentiment is ideal for your main man. These Valentine’s Day icons create a sense of warmth, peace, and sheer delight, no matter who the recipient is. Surprising your partner, boyfriend, or husband with roses will be the start of a new cherished memory and a celebration of love in its purest form.

If you’re not sure what sort of flowers or plants your man would like, don’t worry! Our florists at WildFlower Stem & Sundry are always happy to share expert advice to ensure a gift that will turn up the Valentine’s Day romance.