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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Flowers for the Whole Family

Valentine’s day is a celebration of love, and it always feels good to show your loved ones how much you care with a meaningful gift. Whether you enjoy a romantic night with your significant other or a celebration with your family or friends. There are many kinds of “loves” to honor during Valentine’s Day and even more ways to show your affection to those you appreciate. When it comes to finding gifts for your loved ones, it can be very hard to pinpoint something meaningful that can be personalized and brightens their day. However, flowers always make a great gift, especially to those family members who seem to have everything. Browse some ideas from our experts here at WildFlower, the top florist in Annapolis, MD, to help you choose the ideal Valentine’s day blooms for each member of your family.

Choosing the Perfect Valentine’s Day Sentiment

Gifts for Your Father or Grandfather

As little kids, we sometimes choose our father or grandfather to be our Valentine. And while this is sweet for a time, as we grow, things change. However, one thing that remains is these men still take up a large part of our hearts and deserve to be gifted a colorful bouquet to remind them of our appreciation and gratitude for always being there. Nothing is more sentimental than a meaningful, bold, and bright bouquet to put a big smile on their faces. When choosing flowers for men, think of which ones make you think of them. Large and hardy stems such as those found on gerbera daisies, chrysanthemums, and sunflowers can be a perfect gift for your father, father-in-law, or grandfather and remind you of their strength.

Gifts for Your Mother or Grandmother

The women in our family play some of the most important roles in our lives. From our mothers and mothers-in-law to grandmothers, they will be overwhelmed with love as they receive graceful, elegant, and beautiful blooms each Valentine’s Day. While they may be gifted romantic red roses from their partners, you can bring in the colorful pink, purple, and white flowers that represent appreciation, gentleness, admiration, perfection, refinement, purity, and elegance. Above all, the best flowers for moms are pink carnations due to their symbolism of a mother’s undying love and the unbreakable bond between mother and child.

Gifts for Your Brother

Brothers can be a pain at times, but whether you’re blood-related or not, brothers always have our backs. Their unwavering loyalty and the unique bond between brothers and their siblings deserve to be commemorated. Valentine’s Day is as good an occasion as any to show your appreciation and love. Fresh-cut plants or flowers that they can display at home or in the office will warm their heart and allow them to be reminded of you each time they admire their gift. When buying flowers for your bother, lean towards tropical blooms like peace lilies, birds of paradise, and orchids or hardy succulents that you are sure they will enjoy.

Gifts for Your Sister

You can always count on your sister to be there for you in times of need with the perfect nugget of advice. Sisters, like mothers, tend to gravitate towards graceful, elegant, and gentle flowers. A lovely choice for your sister might be bright yellow or peach blooms that signify sweetness, friendship, gratitude, sincerity, and appreciation. These can be roses, carnations, lilies, and daisies. Blue aster is another wonderful stem that symbolizes sisterhood. This range of symbolic flowers gives you freedom when picking an arrangement that expresses your love and speaks to her personal preference.

Gifts for Your Partner

The most obvious candidate and a perfect recipient of flowers on Valentine’s Day is a romantic partner. Whether it’s your girlfriend, boyfriend, fiance, husband, or wife, the romantic aspect of valentines makes them the natural choice to receive a symbol of your love and romance. Although it is tradition for a man to send a woman a dozen red roses to show his admiration, passion, love, and devotion, most men also enjoy being on the receiving end of floral gifts. Red roses remain quite popular and perfect for commemorating Valentine’s Day, and while they are iconic, the white rose stands as a similar symbol of purity, loyalty, innocence, and elegance, and the lily, which signifies grace and romance. Flowers can also be paired with another sentimental gift, for instance, spa essentials, a book, jewelry, or tickets for a special night out with your sweetheart.

Flowers are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for anyone on your list. They can convey a seemingly endless amount of emotions and allow us to send personal and powerful sentiments to family, both blood-related and the friends we see as family. Floral arrangements also range in size, style, and luxury, so you can always find a flawless bouquet. This year, send uplifting fresh-cut Valentine’s Day flowers from Baltimore’s premier florist WildFlower.

Sentimental giving guide for flower buyers