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Refresh Your Home with Summer’s Bright Botanicals

Bring the wonderful colors of summer into your home with this season’s best and brightest botanicals. There’s no better time to experience the vibrant, bold-colored flowers that thrive this time of year. Place fresh stems in several small vases throughout your home for an instant pop of color and liveliness. Or, have one eye-catching arrangement of summer blooms to brighten any room in which it’s placed. The floral experts here at WildFlower, the premier florist in Baltimore and Annapolis, have provided you with a list of some of the season’s best. Celebrate summer with any of the below beautiful, bright blooms.

Summer’s All-Star Flowers

Vibrant, bold, and radiating beauty, these blooms are simply dazzling!


Known as a symbol of love, roses grow in a large variety of different colors. The rose is a gorgeous lush bloom with a wonderful fragrance – no wonder it’s the most popular flower in the world.


A bloom full of smaller petals compacted together is what makes the dahlia sot magnificent and striking. They come in a wonderful array of colors and steal the show every time.


Another lush, gorgeous flower is the peony which has a charming romanticism about it. Peonies are fantastic cut flowers and enhance any arrangement they are in. They are also quite striking when placed in a vase alone.


A fun and popular summer bloom, the sunflower radiates energy and happiness. Place them anywhere you want a vibrant pop of color and a little joy.


There are different types of daisies that grow in a variety of colors, but the most recognizable type is the Shasta daisy, which has white petals surrounding a yellow disc.

Charming Summer Florals

Perhaps less known than the above blooms, the flowers below are hidden gems of summer. Colorful and lovely, it’s worth getting to know them.


A lush bloom with frilly petals, this decorative flower comes in pink, purple, white, and green. Lisianthus blooms show their beauty the best when placed in a tall vase with additional greenery.


Freesias are popular with florists and gardeners due to their vivid, gem-like colors,  sweet fragrance, and long vase life. They are great as cut flowers and often featured in summer bouquets.


Delightful and charming, Asters resemble daisies with their star-shaped blooms. They come in blue, purple, pink, and white and are a lovely addition to any bouquet.


The blue cornflower is stunning for its intense shade of blue. A striking pop of color when added to a bouquet, the cornflower is also quite striking on its own.


The charming wax flower is a small bloom that grows in clusters. They are often used in wedding arrangements as they symbolize success and long-lasting love.

For more amazing summer florals, check out our gallery of gorgeous blooms now.