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Flowers Speak Louder: Thank Those Who Lift You Up on International Women’s Day

Sending flowers on International Women’s Day (that’s March 8th; mark your calendars!) is like sending the ultimate gift of gratitude to the inspiring women in your life. The mimosa flower is, of course, the O.G. choice. Since 1946, it has been the floral icon of IWD, symbolizing femininity, sensibility, and strength. However, don’t bypass your classic spring floral faves – peonies, tulips, gerbera daisies – and their celebratory vibes rich with admiration. If you can find blooms in the IWD colorway — including purple (for loyalty and devotion), green (symbolizing hope), and white (reflecting purity) — more props to you. After you’ve picked out the best arrangement at WildFlower, the best florist in Arnold, MD, there’s one thing left to do, and that’s deciding who’s on your list to shower with fresh flowers on IWD!

Female Family Members

Your original girl squad, the ones who raised you and taught you how to be the strong, independent, and caring person you are today, deserve to be number one on your list. Your moms, grandmoms, aunts, sisters, and cousins are the women you call for all sorts of advice, sit next to at family gatherings, and send endless reels to on Instagram with a message that says, “Remember when…?!” Especially on IWD, send these wonderful women a bouquet of fresh flowers that radiate love, gratitude, and admiration and keep those family bonds tight.

Your Biggest Supporters

You might have a friend (or a whole crew) that you can count on to have your back no matter what. These people are the ultimate support system, the late-night advice givers, the 10-minute voice memo senders, and the group chat MVPs. They are also some of the most important people who have stood by your side, ensuring you keep hitting your goals and even working alongside you to achieve the big ones! Sometimes, we simply cannot do what we do without these amazing people. So, on IWD, they certainly deserve some flower love, too!

Mentors and Teachers

Thinking back to those good old school days, you’ll probably think of your favorite teacher. You know, the one who was the highlight of your day and always had candy on hand! Maybe it was their knack for making learning fun and engaging, their love for classroom games, or their talent for inspiring you to explore new horizons and look at the world through a different lens. Their influence has undoubtedly followed you well past graduation and into adulthood. What better way to express your gratitude for their wisdom and encouragement than with a stunning bouquet of flowers on IWD? It’s a heartfelt nod to the significant impact they’ve had on your journey, celebrating how they’ve helped you navigate and triumph over challenges!

Inspiring Co-Workers

In every office, there’s that one colleague who really makes a difference. They’re the spark behind your ambition, the wind beneath your professional wings, encouraging you to give your best shot at everything. This is the person who values the power of teamwork, ensuring that success is a shared journey, not a solo race. Maybe they’re your coffee break cohort, the one who can spot a typo from a mile away, or the negotiation ninja who always has your back. These co-workers make Monday mornings something to look forward to, effectively banishing the Sunday scaries. A bouquet on their desk? It’s as beautiful and brilliant as opting for an email over yet another unnecessary meeting.


Ladies, we had to save the best for last! When IWD rolls around, the first person on your bouquet list should be you. Your path has been a masterclass in resilience, clever choices, and that beautiful spark within that never stops burning. Sure, you’ve had some integral guides and necessary mentors lighting the way, but those victories? They’re all you, babe. You’ve hustled like no one else to turn those dreams into your reality. So, on IWD, it’s time to bask in the glow of all you’ve achieved and spoil yourself with the blooms you adore most. Why? Because you, my dear, are unstoppable!

No matter who you’re thinking of this IWD, WildFlower is all set with the freshest springtime stems to make sure your support system feels seen heard,, appreciated, and loved.

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