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What exactly are the Favorite Flowers of Famous Celebrities?

Annapolis’s top floral experts at Wildflower wanted to honor Women’s History Month by unveiling some of the favorite flowers of well-known women who made a positive impact on the world. It was interesting to see how their preferred blooms reflected their inner nature.

Jennifer Lopez – White Lilies and Roses

The beautiful white rose and majestic white lily are J-Lo ‘s preferred blossoms. White roses stand for everlasting love, honesty, ideal, and perfection, while cream lilies denote strength, purity, and majesty. It is not surprising the talented Jennifer Lopez, composes, dances, who sings, and acts is drawn to the white rose as well as lily as they signify numerous traits this talented female also has.

Lady Bird Johnson – Lavender Bluebell

Lady Bird Johnson loved flowers – particularly wildflowers. Through her hard work and passion as First Lady, she helped develop and get passed the Highway Beautification Act. Now, as we drive along U.S. highways, we see native plants and flowers instead of junkyards. Lady Bird believed flowers and the beauty they bring could help improve the mental health of a community. She eventually went on to establish the National Wildflower Research Center in Austin, Texas. Lady Bird’s favorite flower was the lavender Bluebell – a charming, beautiful flower with blooms that are bell-shaped. Symbolizing gratitude, devotion, and love, the bluebell flower is a good reflection of Lady Bird Johnson’s character as well.

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