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Caring for Oncidium Orchids

Close-up view of a blossoming purple oncidium orchid

How to Care For Oncidium Orchids

Belonging to the large and diverse Orchidaceae family, oncidium orchids are native to mountainous and forested landscapes throughout Central and South America. They prove to be popular houseplants thanks to their air-purifying qualities, ability to adapt to most environments, and unique beauty. Unlike other types of orchids, oncidiums are lovingly called "dancing lady" orchids since their blooms resemble dancers in flowing skirts. They boast sprays of small to medium-sized flowers with petals that have a slight crimp around the edges and can range in colors, from yellows and browns to pinks and patterns with multiple hues.

Oncidium Orchid Light Needs

Oncidium orchids thrive best in bright light, and especially love soaking up the crisp morning sun! Keep an eye on their leaves to dictate how much sun your oncidium orchid needs. If the leaves are forming red or purple tones, your orchid may be getting too much sunlight.

How Often to Water Oncidium Orchids

Be sure to water your oncidium orchids every two to ten days with room temperature water, unless it feels moist or if the soil is not yet dry to the touch. If your oncidium is producing thicker leaves, you can ease up on the watering. On the flip side, if your oncidium is growing thinner leaves, it may be craving a little more water.

Caring for Cut Orchids

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